The company “Tiancheng stone” is a popular and large manufacturer of various granite products. It supplies materials, blanks made of natural stone throughout the Republic of Uzbekistan, is considered a leader in its niche.

The company started its activity not so long ago, but managed to quickly gain a good reputation. It has several own deposits in the country, from which natural mineral extraction is carried out.


The company has functional and technological machines that can perform several actions at once. To extract the mineral in quarries, equipment is used that allows you to obtain solid and smooth layers of rock without damage. After that, they are cut, processed to improve the appearance, protect the base from the negative influence of external factors.

Further, materials for cladding, architectural elements, and products for decorating landscape design are made from slabs.

Our Certificates

Our quality

The company "Tiancheng stone" offers high quality products. All granite products undergo the necessary checks before sale. We use natural material, it has excellent strength and reliability.

The quality of the products is confirmed by the relevant documents and certificates.

Our production

The company "Tiancheng stone" carries out the extraction and processing of stone, prepares for the subsequent production of various products from it. It has a developed production, uses new, modern and powerful technologies, they improve the production process, increase its efficiency.

All this helps her to hold the position of the best company for the production of granite blanks.

Our equipment

Modern and powerful equipment is used for the work, which carries out the processing and preparation of the stone. At the field, special equipment is used for extraction, which carefully removes the rock, it preserves the integrity and quality of the layers.

All this results in durable and reliable granite products.

Our advantages

High quality
Modern and new equipment, functional devices from well-known companies are used for manufacturing.
The company has a large customer base, various organizations and individuals cooperate with it
Warranty and service
All products offered are guaranteed, they have excellent quality, durability, long service life.
Affordable prices
The company offers products made of natural granite at affordable prices.
Large volumes
The company offers a wide range of granite products.
The company has a good reputation, various organizations and private clients work with it.
Export to the CIS
The company's products are supplied not only to cities and regions of Uzbekistan, but also exports to CIS countries.
Large factory
The company has a large factory, which is equipped with modern and functional equipment.


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