Advantages of granite over clinker tiles
24 июня 2022 | Время чтения - 6 minutes

Choose granite or clinker tile — expert analysis


Stunning appearance and long service life is not the only thing that surprises and pleasantly shocks granite. We are talking about a unique natural material, which is characterized by a complex composition (it includes feldspar, quartz, dark-colored elements and other impurities).

The granite steps offered by our company “Atlant Granite” are actively used for the decoration of street and home stairs. They can be presented in a variety of shades and textures. It is extremely difficult to remain indifferent to bright, attractive stairs.


Among the main advantages that granite products have are


incredible strength, ability to withstand serious loads;
resistance to deformation, fading, scratches and chips;
environmental friendliness, safety;
non-exposure to water, chemicals, mold, fungi;
rich color scheme;
trouble-free maintenance;
long service life.

Granite looks amazing in combination with different materials: wood, concrete, plastic, etc. It is not surprising that it is used not only for the production of steps, balusters, but also for finishing the floor, walls, ceiling, for the manufacture of cornices, statues, countertops, window sills, skirting boards. Granite products are indescribably beautiful. They are chosen by those who have good taste, for whom it is important to emphasize their high social status.

So, the secret of the popularity of the material in question lies in its magnificent appearance, excellent performance characteristics and successful combination with different styles. If you want to enjoy the beauty of your stairs for years, if you plan to leave the created work of art to your descendants, you should definitely think about buying granite steps. By choosing them, you choose beauty for the ages!

The question is: why, with such a love for granite, many prefer clinker tiles. It’s time to compare these finishing materials.


Which is better: granite or clinker tile?


Our company Atlant Granite conducted its research on the topic “Which is better: granite or clinker tile”. You have the opportunity to find out its results. Looking ahead, we would like to note that in no way do we express our keen interest in selling exclusively granite products, although our company is a key supplier of this finishing material.

The objective of the study was as follows: to provide consumers with an exhaustive answer to the question “Which is better: granite or clinker tile”. We are glad to introduce you to our comparative table, after studying which you will be able to draw your conclusions.

The common advantage of both materials is their environmental friendliness. And the general disadvantage is the price. Both granite and clinker have relatively high temperatures. When choosing a material, do not forget about how long the products in question are ready to last. Plus, you should know that granite steps can be safely used for re-laying, while repeated use of clinker tiles remains problematic.

Based on the given expert table, each user can draw their own conclusions. If you are interested in durable and really durable material, we are waiting for you with an order in our company “Atlant Granite”. If you are captivated by the appearance of clinker, its aesthetics, we can only wish you successful purchases. The choice is yours.



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