Stone in the interior on the walls of the apartment
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Far from being the cheapest material for wall decoration, however, it has a number of advantages.

First, beauty. No wallpaper or plaster can be compared with marble, travertine or other rocks.
Secondly, durability. This is an interior for a lifetime – with minimal surface care.
Thirdly, wear resistance. The most common option for finishing, for example, bathrooms.


Basic interior design styles


Marble, granite, and other rocks are used both for the design of commercial premises and residential – the widest palette of colors allows you to choose a shade for any project.

loft – black and gray rocks are used, for example, inexpensive Polotsk marble, which we have presented in tiles, slabs and steps, is perfect;
Scandinavian and Provence – white or pastel shades; fantastic interiors are obtained if the walls are lined with artificial quartz. And these colors are also an ideal solution for finishing the corridor in the apartment with stone, this will visually make the room more spacious and bright.

Baroque, Rococo and Empire require luxury! Here you can safely choose bright colors. From inexpensive options, you can recommend red travertine. Bidasar Green marble is distinguished by its fantastic beauty – a very popular variety among our customers;
ethno, country, rustic – almost any inexpensive natural materials of brown, beige, sand shades. The most aesthetic is sandstone – see what exquisite products are made from it.


Finishing the apartment with natural stone: features of rocks


The most popular finishing materials are marble, granite, travertine, onyx and labradorite.

Marble is durable and waterproof. However, it reacts poorly to the effects of chemicals.
Granite is durable and is not afraid of fungi, chemicals and dampness. But it is not so aesthetic and has a lot of weight.
Travertine is light, moisture-resistant, very dense, but also not very resistant to aggressive environments.
Onyx is durable and wear-resistant, retains heat well indoors, very luxurious. The disadvantage is expensive! Like labradorite. Therefore, these breeds are used less often.

On the presented photos of the stone in the interior of the apartment, you can see how those basic rocks and colors look, the use of which we described in the article.



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